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Financial planning is perhaps the most important part of planning that you should do in your lifetime, not just for yourself but for your family and your loved ones.

Bereavement Care :
Have you planned for your final leave?

When a person has taken care of expressing his wishes on the distribution of his estate through will and trust instruments and made provisions for cancellation of liabilities upon death through insurance, one final thing he may want to take care of are the burial formalities.

When death occurs, family members are often caught unprepared and unsure about the formalities of organising a funeral. And differences in opinion among various family members may cause further distress to an already stressful situation. Sometimes included in wills are burial instructions. This provides precise direction as to how the person wants to be buried.

Taking it a step further, many testators are now purchasing what is called a pre-need bereavement package. This is usually the purchase of a pre-selected burial plot together with pre-selected burial rites and wake arrangements. Purchasing a pre-need bereavement package saves the family the hassle of funeral arrangements, relieves family members from decision making at a time when they may be least prepared to do so and the funeral costs are fixed at today's price to avoid rising costs. There are specialists available to provide advice on pre-need planning and what is available as pre-need packages.

The following is a rough guide to bereavement care costs. Please note that these are merely indicative to help you in planning and may not be relevant or accurate or even within range in any particular case. The figures are updated to 2012 but will require your own check or update before using for planning.

Estimated Final Expenses

Religion Estimated Final Expenses    
Low High 50% Year Updated
Islam 500 2,000 1,250 2012
Buddhist 10,000 100,000 55,000 2012
Taoism 10,000 100,000 55,000 2012
Hindu 500 10,000 5,250 2012
Sikh 500 10,000 5,250 2012
Christian 5,000 20,000 12,500 2012